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986 Medina Road
Medina, OH 44256

p: 330.239.4847

1st Place!
2013 FFA
CDE Grooming
Ohio State Champion

Division II

Kelly Helbling

General Grooming Includes:
  • Double Bath
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Full Brushout
  • Coat Styled to Breed Standard or Owners Request
  • Animals with fleas will be bathed with Herbal Flea Shampoo at no extra charge

Dog Grooming Rates:
  • Small Short Hair(under 20lbs): Starting at $25.00 *
  • Small Medium-Long Hair(under 20lbs): Starting at $48.00 *
  • Medium Short Hair Dog (21-49lbs): Starting at $38.00 *
  • Medium Medium-Long Hair Dog (21-49lbs): Starting at $48.00 *
  • Large Dog Short Hair (50lbs over): Starting at $48.00 *
  • Large Medium-Long Hair (50lbs over): Starting at $60.00 *
Cat Grooming Rates:
  • Short Hair: $30.00 - $45.00 *
  • Long Hair: (21-49lbs): $65.00 and up *

* Some breeds require more time and attention than others, feel free to call for an estimate or stop in! Just as every breed is unique....each individual animal is unique in size, condition of the coat, and temperment. Some animals are accustomed to regular groomings and being touched, others are not. Grooming costs will vary depending on these factors. Dematting or blading down of a matted coat is a separate charge from general grooming costs. Nail trims start at $5.00. Appointments can be made by phone 330.239.4847 ext. 2


Pick Up / Drop Off
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Your Dog License Here!

Pet Grooming Services
  • 39 years experience grooming
  • open 7 days a week by appointment
  • full service all breed dog and cat grooming
  • shampoos and conditioners to your dogs needs
  • nails clipped starting @ $5, just call ahead
Pet Boarding Services
  • Heated facilities
  • owners live on premises 24/7
  • Full Size spacious, oversized indoor and outdoor runs
  • outdoor play area
  • One on one walks available
  • your dog never comes in contact with any other dogs
  • veterinarian recommended individual care for each dog
  • Multi Pet Discount
  • Experience Pet Care Providers